❖ Trim modification.
❖ Machine valve End connection To RF,RTJ And BW.
❖ Supply packing and gasket.
❖ By Pass and drain valve servicing.
❖ Gearbox and Actuator Assembly & Function Test.
❖ Fabrication And Repair The Valve Component
❖ Pressure Test According To API598 & API6D.
❖ NDT Test
❖OEM Part’s Please Contact Us.

❖ Supply new valve as per requirement.
❖ Supply new hollow metal pipe any SCH and any sizes.
❖ 24/7 service on call.
❖ Support Technical issue on the valve.
❖ On-site servicing.
❖ We are also servicing for marine and vessel valve.

Safety Valve

Safety Valve

 Knife Gate Valve

Pressure Vacuum

knife gate valve

High pressure seal gate valve

Hatch cover

Globe Valve

Gate Valve

Trunion Mounted Ball Valve

Control Valve

Trunion Mounted Ball Valve

Triple offset butterfly valve